YUNG’s Better Dungeons

YUNG’s Better Dungeons is a mod that aims to improve upon the existing dungeons available in Minecraft while maintaining the overall integrity of the original dungeons without actually removing the original dungeon infrastructure. At the very least this mod adds some basic improvements to the vanilla dungeon designs by varying the layouts and adding little but impactful elements like soul lanterns and chains. And this mod also adds collectible banners to each dungeon that reflect the different mob spawners found in each of the specific dungeons you might encounter. These banners have unique names and colors that you will just need to explore and discover each and every one to collect them all.

Aside from improvements on the already available dungeons, this mod adds several new variations to enhance the overall underground mining experience. You may encounter a new dungeon type referred to as spider caves and they should be easily noticeable right away by the sheer abundance of spiderwebs adorning the walls, floors and ceilings. There can be up to three nesting rooms in each of these spider caves as well as precarious tunnels leading to spider egg sacs that may contain loot but may very well contain another spider spawner so proceed with caution.

Another dungeon added with this mod is known as the Forts of the Undead. These dungeons are going to feel much more like standard dungeons but with significantly more developed halls and hidden pathways. These dungeons are filled with skeleton mobs at seemingly every turn but also contain a bevy of treasures to plunder if you can survive the onslaught. These dungeons have plenty of places to hide away and prepare for the next battle and while being relatively smaller compared to the other dungeons added with this mod, they offer a wonderful underground exploration experience compared to any of the dungeons offered in standard Minecraft.

The Catacombs is the last addition that this mod includes and can be a massively disorienting experience if you are not prepared for what lies ahead. It contains several twists and turns and way too many similar paths that will make any player lose their footing with or without adequate preparation. These areas will for sure require proper defense and recovery items on hand and may even require multiple visits to truly take advantage of everything they offer.

These catacombs are relatively massive and you can easily get lost only to end up in a sudden dead end hallway with a hoard of zombies and skeletons gathering and following right behind you. There are plenty of rooms and levels to explore but be absolutely sure you are well equipped to take on one of these catacombs otherwise you might end up losing everything you took with you and being buried with the rest of the undead that lies within.

So if you are looking to expand the areas you can explore and plunder while mining deep underground, then this mod will more than satisfy your craving. There isn’t too much that this mod adds to overwhelm the underground world but there also isn’t much needed to improve on the much needed world that lies below the grass above.

This mod does require YUNG’s API to be installed alongside it and can be found here.

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