The Farlanders Mod greatly expands the Ender society. It adds many new Enderman breeds and even Enderman villages and items. If you’ve ever wanted more from this mysterious breed you’ll want to check this mod out.


The villages are obviously different from typical villages but they are similar in design except they are built with primarily end stone. Usually nearby you’ll find Obsidian Towers. They’re made entirely of Obsidian and have a strong Ender Golem watching at the top. If you dig deep enough in you’ll find a chest or two with special items.


You may find Mystic Wands in one of these chests. They have special abilities like teleporting back to your spawn point, turning you invisible for a brief period, or turning stone or netherrack into a random ore.


There are many new mobs to interact, trade with and even tame with apples. Ranging from children to beastly Titans there’s definitely a new batch of friends or enemies right next door.


The titan is key to crafting Titan armor. By killing it and with its hide you’ll be able to craft new armor that gives you many new boosts. Now you’ll blend in perfectly with your newly discovered society.


This mod requires an additional API found here.

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