Ender Tanks

The Ender Tanks mod makes it incredibly easy to transport liquids between long distances. It works on a color coded system and you can make them from the 16 different colors Minecraft contains. So that means you can transport liquid from white tanks to other white tanks in whatever location you choose so long as they are on the same color network.

What makes the color code system so unique though is that each band on the tank can be color coded individually creating even more possibilities for new networks.

This mod also adds Ender Buckets that work on the same network as the tanks. So you can load up a bucket with many scoops of water at a time and it will go straight to the accompanying tanks.

And to connect a bucket to a certain network all you have to do is shift+right-click with the bucket in hand on the appropriate tank and they’ll sync up.

This mod is made exponentially better if you have a mod already installed that has a tube transfer system for liquids. So you can set up a tank connected to your desired system and then refill it from a remote location using its synced tank or bucket! This mod does also require an additional API found here.

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Ender Tanks, 3.40 / 5 (52 votes)


  1. Neat, useful for use with Traincraft where a person may want water to cool their steam train instantly, but they are in a desert biome. You could be by the ocean and you could instantly send them water.

    June 14, 2018