Earth Mobs Mod

The Earth Mobs Mod adds a few new mobs and some variations on them and existing mobs to make the world of Minecraft a bit more dynamic and interesting. They can be as simple as muddy pigs, which are really just pigs that fall in mud.

To slightly more complex Cluckshrooms, which you can pick mushrooms off of:

Or Mooblooms which come in a variety of flower types:

And there’s an iron golem variant with this mod called the furnace golem. It’s stronger than the former and can emit light!

But there’s another secret feature to this mod and that’s the earth dimension. You’ll need to collect rubies in order to make a ruby shop, which is a full block of rubies on top of a dispenser. Click the ruby block and you’ll find items to buy.

You’ll need to buy chest tappable blocks to build a portal frame as well as the “suspicious item” worth 32 rubies. Then build the frame with the chest tappable blocks.

And finally click the portal opening with the “suspicious item” buildplate key. This will open the gateway to the earth dimension where you’ll find all of these mobs a lot easier!

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