The Magic Doorknob

The Magic Doorknob mod is a simple but very fun and useful tool that comes in several tiers of knobs. They are portable doorknobs that range from wood to diamond and each one allows for a temporary door to be placed nearly anywhere. Once placed, a tunnel will be created and the length of the tunnel depends on which tier of knob you use. All you need is an ender pearl and 4 of whatever door type you want to craft.

They need to be placed at least two blocks up like normal doors. They also don’t destroy the blocks behind them, they only temporarily displace them until the door is no longer needed.

Then once you’re finished using the door, exit the tunnel and close it. The knob will pop off allowing you to use it again and the blocks will go back to their normal state. This can be risky if used on a multiplayer server as anyone could close the door on you and crush you with the blocks that reform.

Wood and stone doors are pretty small, only going a few blocks in but that may be all you need for certain situations. And iron doors will go just a bit further.

Say you might just need to get through one or two blocks then either one of these will be more than enough. For example you could use one of these knobs if you don’t have a way to get through a locked door.

Gold, netherite and diamond doors will go much further and have more practical uses simply for how much longer the tunnels will go.

The benefit of using diamond knobs comes in handy if there are obsidian blocks in the way. All doors except diamond can’t pass through obsidian so you’ll need diamond in those cases.

And the knobs can also be used underwater so if you have a base that you want to create a secret underwater entrance, then this mod is perfect for that. It can also be a great way to get air if you happen to be too far from the surface. Just place the knob and since the water won’t pass through the tunnel, you’ll have a quick and easy air source.

Additionally they can be used perfectly for making secret rooms that can only be accessed via one of these doorknobs. Simply wall up your stash and the room can be hidden in plain sight. All you need is to place one of these knobs and only you will know how and where to get in. Of course anyone with a knob could also access the room but restrictions can be put in place for other players and you might need to simply make the room that much harder to find. The benefit of using these knobs, however, is that you won’t need to set up an otherwise complicated and bulky redstone system to make a secret door.

Another great use is simply quickly escaping from enemies. If you end up overwhelmed and need a getaway, just place one of these doors on any wall and you can get to safety that much quicker than having to mine those same blocks the regular way.

The knobs are simply one of the best ways for quick access through walls that doesn’t seem too over powered either. They can be great at scoping out the best mining locations to start digging too. Once you place the door you’ll be able to see if there are any ores to be mined and since the tunnels don’t destroy any blocks, you can easily mine what you need and close the door back up!

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