Multistorage gives you more storage options in Minecraft. The EnderLink Chest transcends dimensions by allowing access between the Overworld and the Nether.

Plus you can have the same access with an EnderLink Bag. You’ll need to be sure your linked chests and bags are the same color or else they will link to other chests.

The Junkbox is a massive storage element that stores an incredible amount of items. The only slight drawback is that it will only show a random 16 slots that are in the chest. It will refresh with each opening or you can hit the refresh button to manually swap items.

The Chameleon chest is a great way to hide your items in plain site. As soon as you place it it blends in with the block adjacent to it. And for even more security you need to hold ‘shift’ while right-clicking in order to open it.

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