Physics Mod

The Physics Mod is a ridiculously fun way to experience the way blocks and mobs behave once they’ve been broken or killed. Blocks will break apart into several chunks before disappearing. You’ll still be able to collect the standard block drops as normal but this mod makes for a fun spin on the whole foundation of the game.

These chunks will also react with liquids by carrying pieces along the currents, which actually seems a bit more realistic in a Minecraft sort of way. And breaking blocks or plants under water will cause the pieces to float up to the surface.

Trees will also break entirely, which is an added bonus with this mod, but watching the entire trunk and leaves simply explode and collapse is also entertaining.

TNT makes for much more dramatic explosions as well since it sends many more blocks and pieces flying in all directions!

Animals and mobs will also explode into little bits when they die.

This mod has a massive config in the options menu that allows the player to make the physics as extreme or tame as they want. You can control how far these chunks will fly, how long they’ll last before disappearing, and even how long it takes for a block to collapse among many other customizations. But be careful what levels you set everything to as you might cause some serious lag or crash the game entirely.

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Physics Mod, 3.36 / 5 (219 votes)


  1. Does this mod effect texture packs in anyway?

    April 10, 2022
  2. Can I use this in MC EDU on the PC? If so, how? I’ve tried Forge, but it’s not working.

    September 14, 2022