Macaw’s Roofs

Macaw’s Roofs is a mod that adds a slew of new shapes and types of roof pieces to give some serious dimension to your structures. Instead of relying on clever usage of stair blocks or slabs to construct interesting and creative roof designs, this mod will allow you to craft a variety of alternate sloping angles and dynamic pieces that all connect seamlessly to suit your needs. You can craft these new blocks from any wood type and this mod even allows dying any of the roof tiles to get even more variety with your builds to match or accent then using color.

What makes Macaw’s Roofs so crucial is the ability to utilize slanted blocks, both in a standard orientation as well as upside down, and there are varying degrees to the slanted angles for you to choose how exactly you want your roofs to look. The blocks have every extreme from the most slanted to essentially flat pieces that fill the void of traditionally using stair blocks to, sometimes frustratingly, create the shape you want to achieve. This mod even allows you to craft outer sloped and inner sloped pieces to make your roofs more flush and aesthetically pleasing no matter which direction you need them to connect and complete your structures.

Macaw’s Roofs also adds a fairly unique addition to standard roofing construction and design with the rain gutter blocks that can be crafted in all of the same variety of colors as well. By adding rain gutters to your roofs you will now have another way to collect water whenever it rains. You can now take advantage of rain gutters by using a bucket or glass bottle to fill them up whenever the gutters accumulate water. The developer is working on an update to utilize rain gutters with cauldrons or other fluid collection blocks but for now you can at least use gutters with buckets and bottles as an additional source of water when you need it.

Macaw’s Roofs also has slanted window pieces that can open and close the same way you would by using trapdoors or shutters but adds the ability for the game to know whether they are open or closed. So you can craft window features with those blocks and actually treat them as functional window fixtures. If the window is closed then nothing will pass through it but if you open it then you can fire arrows or drop items or simply use it the same way you would an open door but with the added benefit of it being a window that enemies cannot pass through as easily. This mod does truly allow for some serious customization when constructing roofs or any other structure that would warrant sloping blocks and most importantly these blocks blend very well with standard blocks so as not to take away from the vanilla Minecraft aesthetic. The slanted pieces line up with most other shapes like the steep slant and top pieces to make some really dynamic additions to your home.

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Macaw’s Roofs, 4.34 / 5 (32 votes)


  1. Nice mod. There are a few issues with the placement/direction of the lower roof parts. E.g. when placing them they are differently rotated than what you’d expect, and (at least) the spruce lower roof part can only be placed in one particular direction.

    August 8, 2020
    • two years later, hasn’t been fixed.

      March 1, 2022
  2. Having trouble figuring out the crafting recipes for the Black, White, Grey and Base roofs. Are those only available on creative at this point?

    February 9, 2021