Cooking for Blockheads

Cooking for Blockheads gives you three different recipe books to help you create various Minecraft dishes. The first book is a basic book that only provides the recipes for what is currently in your inventory. You’ll see the available dishes and if you click them then the recipe shows up in the left column.

The next book is a step up from the previous one which will allow you to actually craft the dishes you click. So click once to see the recipe, click twice to craft it.

The last book lists all available recipes in the game regardless of whether you have the items in your inventory.

But this mod also allows you to create a full kitchen as well. You can craft fridges and counters that can store food as ingredients. And there’s even a tile block to add to the kitchen aesthetic.

The Oven is a neat upgrade to the standard furnace as it allows you to cook up to 9 dishes at the same time and back-stock 3 items to queue up when dishes finish cooking.

This mod requires an additional API found here.

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