Repurposed Structures

Repurposed Structures aims to amplify existing structures in Minecraft, like villages or dungeons, and creating a much larger variety to explore.

The villages are updated and expanded for each biome. There are now mountain based villages and even standard villages have been upgraded and improved.

There are even hidden jungle villages buried in massive bamboo stalks!

And you may find various biome-themed wells along your travels in addition to mineshaft entrances carved right into mountains!

This mod also expands on dungeons that also change depending on the biome. You’ll see stone buttresses in stone mineshafts as well as jungle themed wood and moss in those appropriate dwellings as well.

There’s also a variant of the Nether fortress found in jungles made mostly with stone bricks. But be careful since there is a very high chance those bricks are riddled with silverfish.

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