If you’ve ever played any of the Dark Souls games you’ll know how necessary bonfires are. They allow you to teleport between where they’re placed and even between dimensions. They also act as your last spawn point so you can easily teleport to them from anywhere.

When you light the bonfire it’ll allow you to name it so you can easily transport to the desired location.

Teleporting is easy. Just right-click any bonfire and it’ll bring up the GUI for your saved locations. Then just click which one you want to travel to and you’re there!

If you’re ever away from a bonfire just craft a homeward bone and right-click with it to teleport instantly to your last spawn point.

Now you have a simple teleportation method and it works especially well for escapes. When you use a bonfire you’ll be healed of any damage so it’s particularly useful when leaving a tough battle.

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