Ultimate Car Mod

The Ultimate Car Mod adds a series of fully functional cars and trucks to speed around your world in style. If you’ve ever wanted more real world options for faster travel then this mod certainly has you covered with more than 54,000 different car options to customize and choose from! It even comes with asphalt to build more realistic streets and roads as well as street signs to make the driving experience more authentic. But before you can start driving you’ll need to craft a workshop. These are fairly simple to build given the complexity of this mod and is really just eight workshop part blocks surrounding one car workshop block. Once you have this built, simply right click the car workshop to bring up the crafting menu for it.

The workshop functions like a giant crafting table with a bigger grid. All you need is the necessary parts and to place them in the proper order. You’ll find more instructions on these builds in the forum link below but the menu is pretty intuitive in the parts you have to craft and assemble for the desired car you want to spawn. There are five different body types you can choose from as well, which are the wooden body, the big wooden body, the transporter body, the SUV body, and the sports car body. The two wooden bodies can be crafted from any wood type and the other three can be made from any available dye in the game. Each body will have an engine, fuel tank, windows, wheels, seats and anything else that pertains to the type of body you want to craft. The workshop can also repair cars as well as spawn them.

Then once you have the desired vehicle, it will function like other mounts or vehicles by right clicking to get in. Then all you need to do is hold R to start your car and drive away! You can see the speed and gas levels right above your inventory bar.

This mod is incredibly in depth when it comes to maintaining these cars. You can repair them and they hold inventory as well. They can be an excellent way to transport you and any extra items you can’t carry to wherever you need to go and at a much faster rate. You can also check the status of your car by pressing ‘I’ while in the car. This will indicate your fuel and battery levels as well as how much damage your car has sustained.

And on the topic of repairs and fuel you will eventually need to refuel your car the more you drive it and the basic source is to build a gas station. This requires a pump and both harvesting canola as well as manufacturing it into fuel. The forum link below will again further instruct you on how to do all of that as these are a bit more complex to craft. But once you have your pumps generating gas, you can start refueling! It’s as simple as just driving your car up to a pump and right clicking to start fueling your car.

There are an incredible variety of car types and colors to choose from with this mod. You can choose from so many different color combinations and sizes to suit whatever needs you have. Some of the cars are single seaters and you can build others with more space for additional passengers or even more cargo to haul. This mod can be the perfect way to massively improve transportation in your world and make multiplayer servers like bustling cityscapes. With the road blocks and signs that this mod adds you can build sprawling cities and highways connecting them. Minecraft has always been a great way to connect far away areas with rails and carts but now you can add vehicles to bring your world to a more modern place in regards to transportation and infrastructure.

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