Ultimate Car Mod

The Ultimate Car Mod adds a series of fully functional cars and trucks to speed around your world in style. It even comes with asphalt and street signs to make driving more authentic. But before you can start driving you’ll need to craft a workshop.

The workshop functions like a giant crafting table with a bigger grid. All you need is the necessary parts and place them in the proper order. You’ll find more instructions on these builds in the forum link below.

Then all you need to do is hold R to start your car and drive away! You can see the speed and gas level right above your inventory bar.

This mod is incredibly in depth when it comes to maintaining these cars. You can repair them and hold inventory in them as well. You can check the status of your car by pressing ‘I’ while in the car.

You’ll eventually need to refuel your car and the basic source is to build a gas station. This requires a pump and both harvesting canola as well as manufacturing it into fuel. Once you have your pumps generating gas, you can start refueling! Just drive your car up to a pump and right-click to start fueling your car.

There’s a variety of car types and colors to choose from and the customizations can all be found in the forum as well.

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