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The mOres mod is very detailed and full of many new ores that can now be discovered and smelted to craft a very dense list of tools and weapons as well as armor for both the player and even horses. There are now eleven ores that can be mined from a variety of stone, deepslate, and Nether blocks and they range in durability from tin, which is the same level as gold to moissanite, which is stronger than diamond! There are even some alloys that can be combined in an alloy furnace to form even stronger ingots for better quality tools and armor.

All of the new tools are crafted the same way as standard tools but now you have a much wider variety of materials to choose from especially if you would like to have vastly more durable tools for your every day usage. But where this mod excels are the new weapons you can forge that go beyond just swords. You can still craft swords with these new metals and you will have 19 options to choose from but now you can also craft significantly stronger battle axes. These will use four ingots or gems with two sticks and are slightly slower with each attack but the results are worth the effort.

And you can also craft another heavier weapon using four gems again but only one stick and that is the mace. So if you prefer using the bigger and more aggressive weapons or if you simply want more variety for your battle preparations then this mod has you covered with either battle axes or maces.

But you can also now craft daggers that have slightly lower damage while giving the wielder a faster and more stealthy attack option. These will also help conserve materials since they only require one gem and one stick to craft.

The armor that you can now add to your arsenal have the added benefit of applying various potion effects when wearing full sets. Not all of them have added effects but the ones that do can be great assets to have for whatever you might need them for. A full set of ruby armor will grant the wearer fire resistance, for example. And a full set of turquoise armor will allow for water breathing! There are also 19 new armor options to choose from so be sure to check the wiki page linked in the forum below for a full list of effects that can be applied. Plus there is the added benefit of new color options besides the standard armor sets with each different metal you can choose from.

Horse armor doesn’t have any added bonuses but you now have a much wider variety to craft and even match whatever armor sets you are also wearing while riding your horse.

Shields are getting a massive overhaul with this mod simply because you now have more than just the one option Minecraft gives you by default. There are now 18 shields you can pick from and each one has varying levels of durability and damage reduction. Standard shields will only provide 60% damage reduction but now with mOres shields you can get up to 100% damage reduction depending on the material you use.

And finally the alloy furnace is the next key component to maximize the potential of using any of these new ores. It looks similar to a standard furnace but allows you to combine materials and smelt stronger ores. If you combine a tin ingot with a copper ingot you can make bronze ingots and if you combine a turquoise gem with a carbonado gem you’ll get the strongest alloy with this mod, graphene. These newly forged alloys will allow you to craft these same tools, weapons and armor but will give you significantly higher damage and durability so it may be worthwhile to invest in an alloy furnace if you want to become the ultimate warrior with incredible protection.

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