The Corpse mod gives the player a little extra reassurance when playing on survival. If you should die in the game, your body will remain at the spot holding all of your inventory safely. All you need is to get back to it before someone else does and claim your loot!

This mod makes it easy to find your former body by simply hitting the U key and it will show you exactly where it’s located.

And you can even verify that all your items are still there with the secondary menu.

So all that’s left is making it to your body and right-clicking to reclaim your items. You can either trek there with the given coordinates or click location in the GUI to teleport directly to it.

But fear not as it won’t de-spawn until all of the items are removed but after 1 hour it will turn into a skeleton in place of your body. Fortunately it won’t attack you and you can still claim your items.

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  1. I appreciate that the skin you used is of Brock, from Pokemon

    March 29, 2020