Scannable is a useful and efficient tool that allows you to survey the area around you and find various items, mobs, or fluids in a snap. It is a simply made tool that takes specific modules to be able to scan for a variety of items at the same time. It can be an incredibly handy tool if you are trying to find certain things and it maintains the integrity of the game so it isn’t necessarily a device used for cheating since you still need to actually get to those items. It acts more like a compass or a more visually friendly alternative to something like the “locate” command. The scanner loads up to 3 modules at a time and you’ll see the world around you change as soon as it’s activated. It does require charging but that can be disabled in the config.

The modules are broken down into eight different options that cover animal detection, monster detection, entity detection that can be configured for specific entities, common ore detection and rare ore detection, as well as fluid and general block detection. There’s also a range booster module that will increase the scannable range for each search. When the scannable menu opens you will see the three available slots for active modules as well as several inactive slots so you can store all of the modules within the device itself and swap them out as needed. Then all you need to do is load a module or three in the module slots of the scanner and then right-click with it in hand. You will see it load the scan and your searches will become visible as locators all around you in the scannable radius. So if you want to find particular mobs, load the animal and/or monster detection modules and scan! They will appear as markers in the scanned area. So if you are looking for a particular animal that you just haven’t been able to find, this mod will be able to spot them and show you where they are. This is also pretty great for finding any monsters that you may wish to farm.

Ore detection and rare ore detection will probably be the most useful modules to have at any given time. You can set the module to search for your desired ores instead of doing a blanket search for all of them and then scan away! Now you can easily find coal, iron and even diamonds quickly without extensive mining veins. This might be where this mod touches on the cheating aspect but if you simply want to find ores quickly and easily then scannable is a great and efficient tool for that job.

The scanner can prove particularly useful if you’re in a precarious situation underground and need to know if lava is nearby. Just load the fluid detection module and scan for lava sources. This will also work for water so you never need to go hunting for either fluid and waste valuable time.

And you can even find villages with the structure module! Combine any three of the available modules and the days of endless and especially tedious exploration are over!

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