Scannable allows you to survey the area around you and find various items, mobs, or fluids in a snap. The scanner loads up to 3 modules at a time and you’ll see the world around you change once it’s activated.

You load a module in the GUI of the scanner and then right-click with it in hand. You’ll see it load the scan and your searches will become visible. So if you want to find particular mobs, load the module and scan! They will appear as markers in the scanned area. You can do this to find various animals as well as any monsters.

Ore detection and rare ore detection will probably be the most useful aspects of the scanner. You can set the module to search for your desired ores and scan away! Now you can find coal, iron and even diamonds quickly without extensive mining veins.

The scanner can prove particularly useful if you’re in a precarious situation underground and need to know if lava is nearby. Just load the fluid detection module and scan for lava sources. This will also work for water.

And you can even find villages with the structure module!

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