Simple Diving Gear

Simple Diving Gear adds a diving suit to Minecraft to aid in underwater exploration and building. All too often you may want to build a structure underwater in survival mode but the current methods all run the risk of running out of air and a lack of proper lighting. Enter Simple Diving Gear.

The base helmet does have a restricted sight underwater but you can upgrade it to a helmet that allows you to see to your heart’s content.

And now you’re free to roam the depths and venture to parts previously unexplored. And building is significantly easier without worrying about losing your oxygen!

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  1. oh my gosh


    i don’t know if you read these or when you made this mod, but as someone with a crippling phobia of drowning/deep water (yes it extends to video games… brains are buggy messes 🙁 ) this mod is a godsend and a complete treasure!! thank you so much!!!!!

    December 3, 2018