Fancy Battleaxes

If you’ve ever wanted more weapon options than a standard sword, then be sure to check out Fancy Battleaxes. It features a bevy of axes made from standard tool materials, stone, iron, gold, and diamond:

But it also adds axes made from silver, titanium, sapphire, amethyst, ruby, and nickel. And those have a slightly higher attack damage stat than diamond depending on which material you use. Or you can use them via creative mode or commands.

You’ll likely need another mod that adds a few of those blocks but if you already have one installed then you should be good to go. The axes are slightly slow but that means they’re heavier and therefore deal more damage to your enemies. They deal twice as much damage as traditional axes so there’s a strong benefit to use these if you want a heartier weapon in your inventory.

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  1. Hello, I’m 456Xander the developer of this Mod
    I want to point out, that using a site like this for downloading mods is NOT GOOD for modders.

    Additionally using Curseforge to download the mods is:
    -> Always up to date, because modders will upload it there
    -> Safe, you can’t get a wrong/unstable/inofficial Version
    -> Supports the Modders with some small revenue and download counter (so they can see how good people like their mods)

    These Things are especially important for small modders like I am, so please go to or instead to download it.

    Message to the Author of this thread: Please include a link to the curseforge site

    December 15, 2017
    • I just want to clarify the direction this website goes in terms of mods and their developers. We don’t ever claim ownership or re-host any mods. This is strictly a Minecraft Mod Review site that redirects all forum links and downloads to the developer. We always credit the developer at the top of the review and the forum/download links are at the bottom of the review. These links are always from the original source from the provided forum link and we try to update the links as often as we see them updated. Sorry if this caused any confusion and we simply wanted to provide an additional resource and review linking directly to the developers and their excellent mods. If anything is in error here we will update it accordingly.

      December 20, 2017