Decorative Blocks

The Decorative Blocks mod adds a few new items to give a little extra finesse to your builds. It adds a variety of unique items that break up the vanilla look and make things adhere to a more realistic feel while maintaining the Minecraft style. To start off there’s a new way to add support beams without relying on upside down stairs to get a similar look. These supports can be made out of any wood type and look like they’re actually holding something up.

You can also spruce up your entryways with new wood and stone beams. They can be narrow or simply more refined wood pieces to give that extra sturdy look. There’s also new light sources with the brazier and chandelier.

And use those supports blocks along with wooden seats to make authentic looking tables as well!

There’s also wooden palisades that look like solid fences and lattice trapdoors that can really improve the look of your outdoor structures.

You can even change up the dirt by stacking four dirt blocks together and making rocky dirt paths.

This mod also changes up the physics of fire and hay. You can throw blaze powder into an active fire to create a bonfire.

And stacked hay now functions like water so when you cut into a block with shears the hay will fall apart and shape itself into mounds!

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