Botany Pots

Botany Pots is a fantastic mini-farming mod that allows you to plant food in single pots. Sometimes you might not need a sprawling ranch of farmland or maybe you decided to build and survive only using minimal materials and real estate. Well then Botany Pots will allow you to accomplish either of those play styles or anything similar or otherwise. You can also customize any of the pots with a wide variety of color options! Essentially you can now craft larger clay pots with any colored clay blocks that can also be used for single crop farming!

The pots are made as easily as surrounding a standard pot with clay blocks and you will then get a larger square pot to place wherever you want. After placing a Botany Pot, all you need to do then is add dirt or soul sand if you are planting nether wart. The pots also don’t need water so this is a great and compact system if water is scarce or you simply want to farm without also needing to make room for water below or near the soil. Then, as with normal farming, plant your seeds in the pot and watch the growth or rather leave it be since you won’t need to worry about that water source! The crops do grow a bit slower than standard farming but Bonemeal will also work with these crops as normal so you can speed up the harvest time as you see fit.

What possibly makes this mod worth it aside from those basics is that these pots will take up significantly less space when planting melons and pumpkins. Normally you would need a two block space available for either of these but if you plant them in Botany Pots you will get the same harvest from just one block space.

The other key feature of this mod is that you really don’t need to maintain your crops nearly as diligently as you would a regular farm. After you harvest any crop grown in a Botany Pot, the pots will then automatically plant the next seed for you.

And to expand on that great feature even further this mod also adds the ability to craft a hopper onto any Botany Pot you’ve already crafted! So if you wanted to essentially utilize a very low impact farming machine that can be as small as one block, not including your desired storage container size, then the Botany Pots mod takes the hassle out of harvesting crops yourself since it will automatically deposit those crops and then replenish the soil as long as you need it to! In theory you could optimize an entire farm that takes up a fraction of the space normally needed for a typical farm, replace what would be the space needed for a water source with chests, and exponentially maximize the overall harvest without needing to anything after planting your first seed in each pot!

This mod also requires an additional API found here.

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