Packed Up

Packed Up is a tiered backpack mod to help alleviate the storage limitations you might be experiencing in your Minecraft travels. It starts with the basic backpack holding 3 extra rows of storage.

The backpacks go up in storage capacity with each upgrade with the maximum 72 slots available with the Obsidian Backpack. The packs can be a great source of extra space for items not used very often but you don’t want to keep them in long term storage. And they can be placed in your off hand to alleviate that one slot they do take up. When in the off hand they can be opened simply by pressing O.

They make a fantastic alternative to crafting numerous chests while mining. Use them to collect all your cobblestone, dirt, gravel or any other excess blocks while saving crucial inventory slots for important items. And if you have the materials, you could fill your entire inventory with these packs to fully load your carrying capacity!

And the packs can be individually named by holding them and right-clicking while pressing shift!

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