Sophisticated Storage

Sophisticated Storage is a massive upgrade to all things storage in Minecraft including barrels, chests and skulker boxes. You can customize from any variety of color or wood type and you can upgrade each box with a variety of tiers and types of upgrades.

So you start by crafting the base level of whichever type of crate you want and that will have the standard 27 slots available to most chests but with an upgrade slot added to the right of the inventory and a series of settings. The settings are pretty invaluable and you can use them to organize the inventory and even set a display image of what you have contained in them. Simply click the item display setting and then click whatever item you’d like displayed and it will highlight that item as well as show it on the outside!

You can also customize these boxes in any color and color combination you want. There are three levels of color options to choose from or combine. If you put a dye on the left side of a container in a crafting grid you’ll dye the main color. If you put a dye on the right side then you’ll color the secondary option. And if you put a dye on the bottom then it’ll change the overall color as well as blend the other two sides if you have dyes in those slots. So you can do one, two, or all three of these options and the possibilities are seemingly endless.

There are three additional tiers that will upgrade the storage capacity of the containers. They come in iron, gold,  and diamond and have to be upgraded one after the other with a right click on a container with the previous upgrade. These options alone will massively boost the amount of storage these boxes will hold and if you upgrade all the way to netherite then you’ll have three total additional upgrade slots to maximize the capabilities of these containers as well.

With the upgrade slots on the left you can add things like an automatic smelter. This will essentially put a furnace in your storage container and it has the ability to automatically load up your fuel source as well as what needs to be smelted as soon as you add them to the inventory.

The same can be said for smokers and you can even have both of them running at the same time!

There’s also an option to add a crafting table so you can craft at the same time as running your smoker and smelter or any of the other upgrade options you might choose to put in your now sophisticated storage container. There’s even an option to shift + click to have those crafted items go right into the storage container or if you want them to go into your personal inventory after crafting.

There’s a really neat way to even further maximize the storage capacity of each of these tiers and that’s by adding stack upgrades to the upgrade slots. These come in four tiers as well. Tier 1 will allow you to stack twice as many items in a single slot. So a 64 item stack can now be a 128 item stack. The next tier up will multiply those items by 4. Tier 3 will multiply stacks by 8 and the last tier will multiply the stacks by 16. So you could have more storage capacity in a standard level barrel with a tier 4 stack upgrade than you would in a basic netherite upgraded barrel! This would limit you to only being able to upgrade the box with that one stack upgrade but it’s a significant improvement on standard storage by far.

This mod does require an additional API, Sophisticated Core, installed found here.

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