Macaw’s Doors

Macaw’s Doors adds a bunch of new door varieties made from every wood type in the game. The doors come in all new styles to match whatever you need to fit your structures. There are doors with varying cutouts etched in to expand on the designs already in the game. The mod adds an item called door prints that translates vanilla designs to different wood types.

Now you can use any wood type with your preferred vanilla design. Just craft the original door and add 4 pieces of paper to make a print of that design. Then use that with your desired wood type and voila!

There’s even options with a variety of window designs so you can further set your structures apart with a more open concept of your entrances.

This mod also adds shoji sliding doors that gives a very clean, traditional look with a neat opening feature that seems like it takes up less space aesthetically.

And there’s an upgrade to metal doors with this mod giving more options for industrial builds. You can craft a variety of windows into them and they even look more realistic with push bars and security decals.

Plus there’s even a jail door option for keeping mobs at bay!

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