Farming for Blockheads

Farming for Blockheads is a mod that aims to help those who might be burdened by some of the aspects of standard Minecraft farming. Sometimes you don’t necessarily have the means to find certain seeds or saplings so this mod adds a market that you can trade emeralds for plant-able items. All you need to do to craft a market block is by combining two wood planks, five wood log blocks, and one red wool block as displayed below. After placing the market block you will then also spawn a traveling villager of sorts and much like you can with any existing trading villagers you can right click on these ones too and see what they have to trade. The big improvement over normal villagers is the reason this mod exists and it’s simply to only cater to farmable materials. So if you’ve been having trouble gathering specific seeds or saplings in your day to day travels, with this mod you can have a better chance of obtaining them by simply crafting a market block.

There are also some added improvements to bonemeal by using fertilizer packs instead. These three packs are similarly crafted between each other but focus on specific factors depending on what you might want to expand upon as opposed to simply faster growth, which is all bonemeal will do. The red fertilizer pack will speed up growth and that should be obvious as it is made with bonemeal as a primary base. The green fertilizer is made with a wheat base and increases the overall crop output. And the yellow fertilizer has a dirt base and will prevent excessive trampling of your crops. You can even combine all three packs together and even further maximize your farming output.

There are even some new aspects added with this mod to help manage your livestock. There is a new item made using a golden carrot called the feeding trough. The feeding trough will take care of auto-feeding your animals. Simply place it in a pen or wherever your animals can access it and now they can enjoy their food at their own pace and you won’t have to worry about not being able to feed them or forgetting.

There’s also a new item specifically made for chickens called the chicken nest. It’s a very simple craft recipe using only two wood planks and a bail of hay and the chicken nest will allow chickens to lay eggs in a localized spot. This will come in handy for any egg farming setup you might have since it will allow the chickens to designate a spot to lay their eggs and you can easily collect them or set up a farming machine to automatically collect them and store them in a chest!

So if you have ever wanted to expand on your farming capabilities or simply want to make farming a bit more manageable if you don’t really excel in standard farming practices then give the Farming for Blockheads mod a try. It really does aim to simplify some of the more complicated farming tasks but because of the automation of some of the new items as well as being able to designate a specific block focused on creating a market just for farming materials it can be a really beneficial mod for any level farmer you might be.

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