Ring of Teleport

Ring of Teleport is a simple, quick-travel solution that can be used infinitely. The ring can only hold one location at a time but it can be cleared and reused over and over. Simply hold shift and right-click any block in the area you want to set as the teleport location.

That location is now locked and as an added security measure, the mod prevents overwriting the location with another one. If you try an alert will let you know the location is already set.

Now you can quickly get back in an instant by right-clicking with the ring in hand. While this feature is handy, be careful not to accidentally click it since the ring only holds the single location.

And if you want to clear the ring’s location simply hold shift and right-click anywhere in the air with the ring in hand.

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Ring of Teleport, 3.42 / 5 (59 votes)


  1. Works on Single player but not multiplayer

    March 16, 2021