The AppleSkin mod is a great and simple tweak that provides useful information to help maintain your health and hunger saturation in Minecraft. If you have ever wanted a better indicator of how quickly your hunger and health will deplete or be restored then this mod provides just that. First off it will give you detailed information when you hover over any food item in your inventory. Sometimes you might want to get an exact idea of how much a certain type of food will benefit you and what might be more worthwhile to keep in stock most of the time. So when you hover over something like bread in your inventory, you will see two sets of icons that represent the amount of hunger bars as well as the amount of saturation will be restored when you eat it. Bread has just about three of each, whereas pumpkin pie will satisfy more of your hunger than your saturation.

When you look at your hunger bar with this mod installed, you will also notice a checkered bar appear behind it. This is the indicator for your exhaustion with every movement you make and work you do. The bar will slowly increase from the right side with the more exertion you put on yourself. This will help you to pay attention to how much strain you might be enduring and to pay attention to your stored food items if that bar starts to increase too rapidly. The more times that checkered bar fills up, the more food bars will slowly start ticking away until you replenish yourself by eating.

Once you can start eating to build that bar back up, you will see a yellow indicator glowing around the food symbols. Depending on what type of food you have in your hand that indicator will also grow or shrink. This means that you can now see what types of foods will restore what amount of hunger and saturation after eating just one. This is the same indicator that shows up when you hover over any food item but now it will be visualized right on your HUD above your inventory bar. So that information on each food item should now make more sense. The food symbol shows how much hunger will be restored and the yellow outline symbol shows how much saturation of your exhaustion will be restored. You may have a food item that will restore all of your hunger but if that same item doesn’t have as much saturation replenishment then your exhaustion can still deplete a little faster than normal.

The same can be said for the heath indicator. When you are running low on hunger as well as missing a few hearts, then holding a particular food item will also show how many hearts will be restored when you eat it. So if you have most of your health bar depleted, then you can now quickly pull up certain foods that will replenish your health faster if you need to in a pinch while also allowing you to properly ration any of the food items that won’t restore as much health.

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