ItemPhysic Full

The ItemPhysic mod tweaks some of the animations and functions of various elements in Minecraft to have a more realistic vibe. It changes the way the player interacts with certain blocks and items and how they interact with different materials present in the game. You’ll notice right away that if you break a chest or drop items they will stack much more cleanly and will even stack with like items together.

This mod also adds increased throwing abilities. If you hold down Q to drop an item you’ll see “Power: 1” up until “Power:6” depending on how long you hold it. This will determine how far you want to throw the item. Power: 1 is just like dropping it normally and Power: 6 will throw it clear out of sight!

And items will behave different in liquids with this mod. Without the mod all items float on the top of water no matter what they are.

With this mod installed you’ll see much more realistic physics with a variety of items. Wood will still float but heavier items like cobblestone will sink all the way down!

While this might be troublesome in situations with very deep water, it is more realistic and adds to the challenge of the retrieving dropped items. But the counter to items in water is how they behave in lava. Only flammable items will burn in lava as they always had before. But now non-flammable items won’t burn right away and will often float on top of the lava. This gives you just enough time to grab them before they would have otherwise disappeared forever before.

This mod requires an additional API found here.

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  1. How long will it take for non flammable items to burn? And is there a way to make it so this feature, along with the cacti no longer destroying items disabled?

    January 12, 2024