Extra Armor

Extra Armor adds a bunch of new armor sets to Minecraft and some that give some excellent effects when wearing full sets! It has a set for nearly every block that doesn’t already have one like wood planks that don’t protect much but the variety is very much there.

It even has a set made from honeycombs that animates like the honey its made from.

But the really beneficial sets are the ones that grant abilities like blast protection with obsidian and crying obsidian.

The molten set made from buckets of lava will give fire resistance, which should help immensely while mining or traveling through the Nether.

A glowstone set will give the wearer night vision and the Ender set will grant a speed boost.

And the ghost set made from Ghast tears will turn you invisible and even has a Ghast face animating on the chestplate.

There are many more to discover and use for whatever you may encounter on your adventures!

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Extra Armor, 3.78 / 5 (170 votes)


  1. even though the ghast makes you invisible but the amour still shows so no point in invisibility.

    March 1, 2022
    • the ghast armor is still visible thats my only problem
      9/10 mod

      June 7, 2023