Advanced Chimneys

Advanced Chimneys is a great decorative mod that adds a slew of new chimney options that are able to be constructed from seemingly every available block. If you have ever felt like your homes or builds that would have a chimney have felt like they are missing something, then this mod will definitely have everything you are looking for. They maintain a classic Minecraft look and provide some great visual animations to really drive home a realistic chimney design. They can be crafted very easily by simply placing three blocks of your desired design on the left side and three of the same blocks on the right side of a crafting grid. This will create a block similar to ventilation ducting and can then be stacked on top of more chimneys all the way through your roofs.

What makes these great visually is that they will take the smoke from your furnace or furnaces and redirect it outside of your abode. It takes the often ugly particle effects from your rustic interior aesthetic and moves it to a more natural area, or to be more specific… outside, where it should go. You can place the chimney right on top of a furnace and as soon as you start cooking or smelting, the smoke output will begin to billow upwards through the chimney. And to add even more to the visual ingenuity, the smoke will also now change direction based on which way the wind is blowing!

Alternatively, and for a more pleasing look, you can add a pump that uses redstone placed below the furnace to direct the smoke down and outward in whatever direction you want it to go. You can easily bury this system underground to keep the pipeline hidden too. So now you can have a, relatively minor but still fun, ability to control and clean up the areas you choose to utilize furnaces in.

Because this mod offers chimneys to be crafted from nearly every block, you can easily disguise them within your existing builds and they maintain the same designs you have already established. If anything they look so natural you wouldn’t even think you had a mod installed at all.

And this mod will also change the color of the smoke based on what type of chimney you choose! So along with the base functionality of directing smoke for proper exhaust, this mod continues to add more visual improvements to your entire building infrastructure. A common trick for adding the look of smoke from a “chimney” was to add spiderwebs to the top of basic red brick blocks on any given roof. Now with this mod you can actually create real smoke to further expand the curb appeal of your builds. And with the ability to alter the color of the smoke with each chimney you choose, you can customize and maintain whatever aesthetic you want.

You can even combine pumps with multiple furnaces and this will create a bigger billow from the chimney! If a single furnace just won’t cut it for that industrial factory you might be building then all you need to do is attach more pumps to more furnaces that you likely already have placed. So instead of having a chimney for each furnace, you can put a pump on all of them and direct the smoke entirely out to one or as many chimneys as you might need.

This mod does also require an additional API called ForgeEndertech to be installed alongside it and that can be found here.

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  1. are there any furnace mods its compatible with (furnace mod requirements: brick furnace. that’s it.)

    November 7, 2018
  2. I need help with combining more that one furnace to make one huge billow of smoke

    January 2, 2019