Advanced Chimneys

Advanced Chimneys adds a slew of Chimneys able to be constructed from seemingly every capable block.

They will take the smoke from your furnace(s) and redirect it outside of your abode. It takes the often ugly particle effects from your rustic aesthetic and moves it to a more natural area: outside. You can place the chimney right on top of a furnace and as soon as it starts up the smoke will begin to billow out. And the smoke will change direction based on which way the wind is blowing too!

Alternatively, and for a more pleasing look, you can add a pump with redstone below the furnace to direct the smoke down and outward that way. You can easily bury this system underground to keep the pipeline hidden too.

And this mod will also change the color of the smoke based on what type of chimney you choose!

You can even combine pumps with multiple furnaces and this will create a bigger billow from the chimney!

This mod does require an additional API found here.

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  1. are there any furnace mods its compatible with (furnace mod requirements: brick furnace. that’s it.)

    November 7, 2018
  2. I need help with combining more that one furnace to make one huge billow of smoke

    January 2, 2019