Auto Feeder Helmet

The Auto Feeder Helmet is a neat little tool that you can attach to any helmet in the game and even some from other mods. It will automatically feed you when you become satiated so long as you have food in your inventory.

All you need to do is craft the feeder module and then put that in a crafting grid with any helmet you want. You’ll know if it worked when you hover over the helmet and it says “Auto Feeding Mode”. Then just go about your normal Minecraft business!

You may not even notice that it’s working because as soon as your hunger starts hitting you, the helmet kicks in. Suddenly you’ll see that some food has gone down in your inventory but your health and hunger are at 100%.

And that’s an important thing to note about this mod in that it works so well you may forget you still need to replenish your inventory with food! But aside from that it saves you time and a hot bar slot since you can have food anywhere in your inventory for the helmet to work.

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