Chisels and Bits

The Chisels and Bits mod provides a creative way to sculpt and chip away at the individual cubes that make up many of the blocks in the game. Simply craft a chisel of stone, gold, iron, or diamond and you’ll be able to take off pieces of full blocks to create designs, furniture, or anything you can imagine. Each tier of chisel will allow you to remove more pieces of blocks the higher up you go so it’s more beneficial to use diamond chisels if you have the resources. And once you craft a chisel then the world becomes so much more customizable. You can make custom stairs and pillars in shapes that have never been in vanilla Minecraft before!


The bits that you chisel away drop like normal blocks and will be added to your inventory in much the same way. What’s great about this feature is you can fill in gaps you take away or simply replace pieces with any other chiseled pieces from any other block. So you can mix gold and stone or wool and wood chiseled bits or any other combination you can think of. This allows you to get pretty intricate with designs to take your homes to the next level with inlays.


Blocks can be broken down entirely, bit by bit, so you can become a real sculptor in game and craft much more detailed blocks and statues and take up much smaller real estate than you would using full sized blocks.


You can get creative with pixel art and step up the signage of your shops. Because you can place bits in any other block, you can now treat them as blank canvases and ditch the use of traditional signs or frames.


Or even give your home some elegance with crown moulding on the ceiling. Using this mod gives you the ability to add so much more depth and dimension to areas you might not have thought of before simply because standard blocks are too large to accommodate these intricate features.


And even better is the ability to copy and paste your creations with the Chisel Designs Template. Simply right-click with the design in hand. This will copy whatever the design is. Then you just need to right click any other block and it will paste it there. With this feature you won’t need to painstakingly chip away the same design over and over.


But you’ll need to have a steady supply of chiseled blocks to make these new template blocks. This is pretty easy to achieve by simply chipping away at the desired blocks needed but you’ll soon run out of inventory space. This is where the Chiseled Bit Bag comes in to play. It acts as an extra inventory specifically for chiseled bits. It’s a great way to keep your main inventory free from so many bits and allows you to paste blocks in bulk. And the template pulls directly from the bag so there’s no need to worry about moving bits back and forth from the back to your regular inventory.


Your world can become significantly more detailed with this mod and a little creativity. Since each full size block can be broken down to 1/64 their normal size, you can literally create a full scale model of anything and essentially play the game at a miniature level. This new, small world, strategy can be used for so many applications like planning your builds out at a 1/64 scale to see if they look to your standards. Or you could set up detailed redstone plans without complicated trial and error by destroying and replacing full sized blocks.

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  1. Who agrees that this should’ve been in minecraft from the start

    March 28, 2016
  2. I have reason to believe that this does work with texture packs, since it just uses individual pixel bits. Useful for creating cool windows

    May 15, 2016
    • what about the 4k texture pack

      March 23, 2020
      • imagine someone just modeling something out of 4096×4096 pixels lmao. i would just die

        April 4, 2023
  3. honestly best mod ever, it puts the furniture mod out of buisness, sure you have to actually BUILD it but thats the entire point of minecraft right? you shouldn’t be able to put a few sticks and planks together and get a fully functional table. PLUS YOU CAN MAKE WHATEVER YOU WANT. You could literally make your OWN minecraft blocks in creative mode..

    July 4, 2019
  4. Honestly this is the best mod in the world I love this world and I love how YouTubers is use a lot of these mods and well I just love everything about it (:

    September 18, 2019
  5. Its amazing, but i wish it was updated for the new versions of Minecraft like 1.16

    July 12, 2020
    • same I can chisel the normal blocks in Minecraft but I can’t add any chisel blocks or make my own its really annoying

      March 4, 2021
    • It is it said 1.16+

      March 4, 2021
  6. I have tried multiple ways but it seems to not let me make a chisel, I really want this mod but I can only make a shovel

    December 7, 2020