Advanced Mining Dimension

The Advanced Mining Dimension is a simple but incredibly useful tool for generating an alternate dimension solely for mining as the name would suggest. There’s no overworld in this new dimension and it acts like a Nether portal to travel to. The biggest advantage here being that the key to the dimension only takes up eight wood planks and an iron pickaxe and it takes up no more than one block when placed. It also looks similar to a crafting table so it blends in well with the already established Minecraft look. There are pickaxes on each side of the box as well so it clearly signifies this is the block to take you to the mining dimension!

All you need to do after placing the block is right click it to be instantly teleported to the mining dimension. Why I pointed out that there is no overworld in this dimension is that the entire world is only for mining and when you arrive you will end up at the beginning of never ending caves! This mod can be super handy if you’ve tapped out the caves near you and you want to avoid a long trek away from home. Simply craft yourself a mining dimension box right in your Minecraft living room and you can mine for hours without ever leaving your home base when you return.

You can see from this x-ray overview just how dense these new caves are. It’s as if you multiplied the standard cave generation tenfold as well as massively increased the overall size of the standard underworld by increasing the height limit without an overworld attached to it.

The dimension is every bit the same as your normal world in terms of ores to mine and dungeons to plunder only this one can be tucked away out of sight. What also makes this mod a fantastic device especially for new game play is that because of the simple recipe requirements, you can get down to mining right away without necessarily needing to obtain the right materials to go out the traditional way. Plus this mod gives you a bit of peace of mind to go out mining in a safer way. Mining can be full of dangerous cliffs, zombies and creepers and skeletons around any dark corner, and unexpected lava at any spot. The Mining Dimension allows you to create a safe passage in and a safe passage out whether or not you are in any immediate danger. You can craft or carry an extra dimension block with you and it will essentially act as a teleportation device that can take you out of any perilous situation with the click of your mouse. Gone are the days of having to fight your way out from a hoard of zombies or creepers trying to blow you up while you are already low on health and have no food left especially if you also don’t have any more weapons to fight with. Well simply find the block you came in with or place a new one and now you can get home instantly and live to mine another day!

And you can even adjust the config file to change the types of ores and stone blocks that generate in the mining dimension. So you can cater this world to your needs or if you are on a multiplayer server you can change the difficulty and spawn generation to fit the parameters of your gameplay. And you can even increase the amount of canyons generated as well so you can create some incredible sights to explore all within the confines of your regular Overworld home!

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