Easy Villagers

The Easy Villagers Mod allows you to utilize villagers in a much more concise and controlled way. It allows you to pick up and place villagers by pressing V while aiming at them or sneaking and right-clicking them. Then you can place them wherever you like by right-clicking the ground!

This mod adds convenient containers to house villagers without needing to hunt them down and they can be stored anywhere this way. Simply place the block and right-click it with a villager to add them. The trader block allows you to trade with a villager at any hour and they can restock during non-working hours as well!

The farmer block gives you the ability to farm a whole crop in one space. It’ll output to a small inventory and the farmer inside will simply replant seeds as the crops are harvested.

The breeder block allows you to breed two villagers simply by adding food. There are 4 slots for food and 4 output slots for baby villagers.

And the iron farm block will generate an iron golem every 4 minutes and and iron ingot about every 1 minute. This will massively reduce space for easy iron harvesting!

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