Macaw’s Windows

Macaw’s Windows gives the player an upgrade to standard glass panes in Minecraft. It puts panes in frames that can open and close giving a more realistic feel to your structures. Plus you can make them out of every type of wood in the game!

There are two types of standard windows: cross-frame or clean. Both function the same but offer a different aesthetic depending on what type of window fits your needs.

This mod even adds double height windows that can vastly improve visibility in your homes.

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Macaw’s Windows, 3.92 / 5 (51 votes)


  1. I have a suggestion. Add windows that tilt vertically, concrete windows, resizable windows that open (with and without mullions).
    Also non-openable windows (a variant of resizable window with thinner frame) and bring back bottom frames for all windows (except resizeable ones
    as they already have a frame).

    March 9, 2024