Inventory HUD+

Inventory HUD+ allows you to see much more than standard Minecraft allows with displays. You can now see what armor, weapons, and tools you’re carrying as well as how damaged they are. It’ll even show the total arrows you have available. And you can see a floating display of everything in your inventory right on your main screen.

The great thing about this mod is how customizable these options are. You can turn certain ones off completely or simply move them around the screen where you see fit. Just hit CMD+i (or CTRL+i) and the overlay GUI pops up.

Here you can move any of the display items around to where you want them. If the inventory display is too distracting just move it over! And the blue eye in the upper right will turn them off.

Or you can make the displays vertical and smaller if that better suits you. This option is available from the main menu screen mod config page.

This mod will even show whatever potion effects you are currently under and how long they’ll last!

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