Connected Glass

Connected Glass alters the way glass behaves when placed next to the same glass type/color. Without this mod, glass has a clear border around each block and you can see the separation.

With the connected glass mod installed, you can eliminate that border and glass blocks or panes will blend with adjacent glass blocks. This allows for a much more seamless and clean design aesthetic.

It works on all sides of the glass blocks or panes so you can create massive glass walls without any borders!

The mod won’t connect any glass blocks that vary in color, unfortunately, but all colored blocks will connect to the same color. There’s also scratched variations of each block and pane if you want to add additional details to certain windows.

And if you want a more pristine look for your glass, this mod offers clear variations as well!

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Connected Glass, 3.96 / 5 (47 votes)


  1. This mod is great, but changing glass to connected glass removes the “mobs can’t spawn on this block” attribute. Be aware of that if you plan to use it in farms.

    March 8, 2021