Macaw’s Furniture

The Macaw’s Furniture mod gives you a massive upgrade to your interior design ideas and overall functionality. It provides a large variety of tables, cabinets, dressers, and shelves to really spruce up your rooms and a lot of these items also have storage capacity as well. If you want to make an office look a bit more like an actual office then get this mod and apply a little creativity to overhaul your space! You can craft desks and overhead compartments as well as a wider variety of bookshelves with customizable door, shelf and drawer designs. The desks have a few different varieties in style and whether you’d like a backing on them and they can be as long or short as you need!

There are now more options for seating with the wide variety of chairs and benches this mod adds. Each of these can be customized with different wood types and styles so you can really add some flair to your seating flair.

Tables are another great feature with this mod that you can craft any way you might think of and what fits where you might put them. You can make new tables that be short or long and have either two legs or four. You can also make tables with a glass inlay surrounded by a wood frame!

You can make your bedroom look more habitable and cozy with dressers and side-tables too. Add tables and dressers to organize your personal space a bit more and now that you can store items, you can keep things tidy and know exactly where to find them.

You can also make any of the designs in all the standard wood types so you can easily match your aesthetic. You can use that to your own desires to match the aesthetics you already have or combine different wood types to make accent pieces.

There are tons of counter and cabinet options to make sleeker and more functional kitchens.

Plus there are several variations of the same table or dresser to add a unique flair to each piece. You can add multiples of the same piece in a row without making them all look too repetitive. So with the way that these items are crafted you can make a piece of furniture with only doors that are either wood or glass or you can mix and match doors and drawers of the same options.

The books you can add to these furniture pieces can also be used in conjunction with enchanting tables. The books used on these shelves will still transmit enchantment power just like standard book shelves will except now you have some new options to make your enchanting rooms more to your own personal style.

And the way they are crafted is also a neat process. Each panel and drawer and door is individually crafted together like you would real-life furniture! You can reference the recipe book for all the varieties of crafting instructions but overall they are very intuitive and easy to understand. You can also make each of these pieces in custom sizes and heights so you can really expand the capability of the furniture to fit any need you might have.

So if you need super long drawers or if you’d rather have them very tall or if you’d like something that combines both of those traits then this mod has you covered. All you need to do is place the same piece of furniture along the axis for width or height and they will automatically adjust and join together as one bigger piece of furniture overall. This allows you to get creative with sizing and maybe have a bit of whimsy for any of the places you might put them.

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