The Chipped mod provides several tools to alter and enhance the appearance of most blocks available in the game. This mod adds seven tables you can craft and then use to modify existing blocks into new designs and materials depending on which table you use. You can now easily and elegantly customize any of your builds in a way that more accurately portrays specific themes and overall visual aesthetics you might have been trying to achieve. The glassblower is just one of those tables you can craft and it will allow you to craft a much wider variety of stained glass blocks to choose from. The stained glass and colored glass blocks that are already available are really just a basic representation of their real life counterparts, but now you can make single blocks with intricate designs framing multicolored smaller panes of stained glass.

Once you craft and place a glassblower, all you need is to have a block of stained glass of any color in your inventory when you click the table and you will be shown all of the available options to craft from it when you select it. You can cycle through different colors with either blocks or panes and each one has their own unique design options. When you find the one you want just click it then click craft and now you’ve turned a basic stained glass block into something more dynamic. What’s also great is that these blocks will connect to blocks of the same color so the designs will seamlessly blend when you place them next to each other.

The carpenter’s table will function similarly except instead of glass, you will be able to modify any of the wood blocks available in the game. This table might be the best usage for this mod given the already vast amount of wood blocks you can choose from. Each one will also have their own unique design alterations and you can truly maximize the way you want your structures and especially rooms to look.

There is almost an overwhelming amount of wood blocks to now choose from and this also includes most items made from wood like doors and windows and even chests. You can now craft a much wider variety of storage containers that are both stylish as well as completely functional. There are several crates or barrels you can now build from any types of wood as well as using the carpenter’s table a second time on those containers to make them look like they’re filled with something like coal or carrots or gold for example.

And the mason table will do exactly what the previous two tables have done but obviously now you can customize stone based blocks. This will likely be another incredibly useful table because of the even broader scale of design options you can choose from. It will accept nearly all available stone blocks and you can choose to turn them into every combination of brick designs you can think of or an incredible number of chiseled designs. These options will exceed expectations for what you could ever think you might need when modifying stone blocks.

These are just three of the seven tables available when you install this mod. The other tables are equally useful and function just like these ones do but will cover essentially every other block aside from glass, wood, and stone. The loom table will modify wool type blocks, the botanist table will customize plant based blocks, the alchemy table will cover mineral related items, and the tinkerer’s table will allow you to alter redstone based items and lamps!

This mod does require two additional APIs installed alongside it. The Resourceful Lib API can be found here and the Athena API can be found here.

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