The Jade mod is an incredible heads up display tweak that can be toggled on and off for any information you might want additional details and context for. You can use it to show the status of certain machines that are currently running and it will tell you how much time is left as well as the output. So if you have a brewing stand or maybe several furnaces smelting multiple items at the same time then all you need to do is face any of them and a display will appear showing you all the details. This can be especially useful with those multiple machines running because you can easily see the status of any of them without ever needing to click in to them.

On a much simpler level it will always show whatever block or item you are currently hovering over. This can be very useful information for anyone who simply needs to know what type of blocks they are looking at and if you wanted to seek out a specific block to know what it is before you start mining it. You can easily turn off the overlay by hitting 1 on a keypad and hitting 1 again will bring it back. Hitting the numbers 3 and 4 on a keypad will also show the recipes available and uses respectively. If you don’t have a keyboard with a keypad then you can easily set these key binds to whatever you want in the controls settings.

Another fantastic feature of this mod is the ability to quickly see what is in any chest or ender chest just by hovering over them. This is especially useful if you have a vast storage room or several storage rooms but don’t have any signage displaying what is inside them already. Now you can simply hover over any chest and it will display every item within it as well as how many of each item are contained!

Entities also have a display when you get near them. It will show you the amount of hearts an animal or mob has as well as any damage that they have sustained. You can even see descriptions of the types of villagers you come across in case you need to locate a specific one for any needs you might have. You can even see how much time is left for a baby animal to grow into an adult!

This mod is also particularly useful when it comes to farming. Not only will it display the crops that are planted in a particular spot of soil but it will also display the growth percentage of that specific crop. So if you ever forget which crops are planted where then this mod will easily show you so you don’t have to wait until they are ready for harvest to know what’s been planted.

You can even see specific stats for horses, mules and donkeys. The display will show the jump height and speed of each of them plus it will show the strength of llamas!

And if you like to make music with note blocks then this mod will particularly come in handy because it will show the pitch and instrument of each block you hover over.

So if you ever wanted to have some more detailed information in a very simple heads up display then the Jade mod is perfect. You can even customize the overall look, color, size and information that will be displayed by customizing the config settings, which can easily be accessed by pressing 0 on a keypad.

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