Tool Belt

The Tool Belt is a nifty mod that condenses your inventory slots for tools into a belt you carry or wear with the Baubles mod. The standard belt adds 2 extra slots that can be triggered by holding down the R key.

But you can add up to 9 slots by combining the belt with belt pouches on an anvil.

And this frees up a ton of space in your inventory bar. If you need to quickly swap tools to the correct one just hold down the R key and swap to what you need!

It can also carry flint & steel and sheers to quickly open a portal or trim your sheep.

And bows and swords are also handy to swap when an enemy in near.

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Tool Belt, 3.83 / 5 (112 votes)


  1. Great mod Ill use this for my Tornado Series

    March 22, 2019