Bouncing Balls

This mod adds a series of balls that enhance your jumping capabilities in Minecraft. The jumps vary depending on the material used and there are several varieties of materials that can be used. The basic balls are made simply with dyes and slimeballs. The jumps aren’t very high but they do give a decent boost from standard jumping.

If you use stronger materials like iron or diamond, you’ll get a much farther jump.

And you’ll get a very high jump from Nether Star balls.

Some of the balls need ammo in order to incrementally increase the strength of the jump, such as the TNT ball. You need gunpowder in your inventory in order for this one to work and it will cause minor explosions but you can get pretty high jumps when holding righ-click down while using it.

These are a great alternative to running in Minecraft and a much better way to get around aside from actually flying.

This mod requires one additional API found here.

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