Reliquary adds a bunch of new and enchanting, not to mention hard to get, items to aid your Minecraft experience and challenges. This mod relies heavily on finding exotic and mysterious items to craft and wield magical tools. The Infernal Chalice, for example, will help prevent fire damage to the player at the expense of hunger. So if you’re holding this item in your inventory you won’t be burned but your hunger will drain at about the same rate as your air supply in water.

The Emperor’s Chalice is a great item for infinite water storage and usage. If you would rather not go about carrying an excess amount of buckets full of water or even water bottles then you can craft a relatively affordable Emperor’s Chalice and never need to worry about a water source again. You can use it to place water anywhere just like with any liquid storage device but you can also use it to drain an area of water with the same ease.

All you need to do is hold shift and right click any block of water with the chalice in hand. It will then allow you to collect an infinite amount of water instead. This can be a great tool for draining massive bodies of water all without needing to place any temporary blocks like dirt or sand and all with the very same device to add any water back where you might need it.

There are some new tools for defense as well like the Hunter’s Handgun that takes rounds with varying affects applied to them. This one can get a little complicated so check the forum link below for detailed instructions on how to use it.

And the Holy Hand Grenade is a great alternative for attacking enemies that can replace the much more volatile and unpredictable TNT blocks or explosive arrows. The Holy Hand Grenade won’t damage blocks that are in the blast radius so your structures and even the foundation they are built on will remain intact. Now you can safely defend yourself and your builds but still utilize the bigger impact that an explosive could be used for and that is simply to cause damage to hostile enemies only.

This mod also has you covered with new armor devices that you can wear with certain enchanted items like the charm belt. This belt can be loaded with various charms that are able to cloak you from certain mobs like the creeper charm. When you have the creeper charm active on your belt, they will no longer turn hostile when they see you. This can be especially useful when mining in dark caves or anywhere that a creeper would otherwise sneak up on you and avoid catastrophe or death.

And this mod even adds an invisibility cloak will do exactly as the name suggests and make you invisible. The only caveat is that it will only work at night but that may be the best use case for it in the first place.

There’s also a neat item called the Void Tear that can hold an unlimited amount of a single item. This is great for mining and not having to continually go back to a chest for storage of cobblestone. It will automatically collect common items as they are broken.

And then you can use the Tear to place those same items. You can see how many blocks the Tear is holding at the bottom right of your screen when it’s in hand.

This mod also requires the Curios API found here that will allow you to wear the items this mod adds.

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  1. How do you craft the Void tear?

    August 4, 2021