Good Night’s Sleep

The Good Night’s Sleep mod adds two new dimensions to Minecraft, the good dream and the nightmare. They can only be accessed by either of two new beds that have been added as portals. You can choose to sleep in one or the other and you’ll be instantly transported. The wretched bed will take you to the nightmare.

The nightmare is a vast, mountainous world filled with lava lakes and oceans. Its trees are dark and brooding and mushrooms pepper the landscape.

You’ll find a variety of blocks and ores here that can be used for crafting and structures in any world you choose.

There are also some familiar Nether based mobs here and one new one called the Tormentor so be vigilant.

The good dream, on the other hand, is a much more pleasant realm full of color and wonder. You’ll need the luxurious bed to get there and just like any other bed all you need to do is start sleeping on it.

You’ll notice right away how vibrant this whole world is and that most of the colors are quite irregular from normality. It’s almost like stepping into a Dr Seuss book.

There are other types of ores and blocks here compared to the nightmare and they seem more reminiscent of candy.

Even the mobs are cuter here.

The ores in either dimension can be used for a variety of tools and armor as well to further add to your arsenal.

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