This is a pretty large update to Minecraft with the addition of a variety of fruit trees and flowers. Not only do the trees add new food sources but the wood from the trees can be used to make colored wood planks and stairs.

The flowers can also be potted in a variety of colored pots.

You can build intricate latticed Pergolas in multiple colors to help decorate your garden area or spruce up your outdoor scenery.

You may also notice some odd shaped clouds above the normal cloud line. These can be walked on with the Feather Talisman. You can also craft lightweight building materials to make shelters in the sky! Be careful not to step on them without the talisman or you will surely fall through.

A new crafting bench has been added that gives you a built in inventory and allows you to create templates for mass crafting.

And a supercharged furnace now allows you to smelt two items at once, load up to six different blocks at a time and three slots for fuel sources!

There’s an additional API needed for this mod found here.

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