Building Wands

Building Wands is a neat little mod that adds 4 tiers of wands: stone, iron, diamond, and netherite. Each tier increases the amount of blocks the wands can duplicate ranging from 9 to 128. Very simply you can copy blocks you place or blocks that are already placed with a right-click of the wand. So you can take one wood plank block and right-click with the wand to build it up to the desired height.

From here you can either keep right-clicking the columns to finish building a wall or you can change the mode by hitting ‘v’ to fill between 2 corners. Right-click the first corner block and then drag the crosshair to the second point and right-click again. This can make a cube or if you just want a wall you can set the second point in line with the first. Instantly those points are filled!

You can change the mode again with ‘v’ to the line mode. Then change the orientation from vertical to horizontal by hitting ‘i’.

Now you can duplicate the bottom row to make a floor just as wide as your wall.

Keep repeating these steps as you see fit and you can make a hollow cube in almost no time!

You can also create simple circles by changing the mode with ‘v’ again and starting with a center block. Right-click that block and drag out the desired size (within the wand’s limits) and right-click again.

You’ll now have a circle made from the center block material!

You can also use the fill connecting blocks mode with these wands to quickly fill in any gaps. Change the mode to fill and so long as you are right-clicking the type of block you want filled in, the gaps can be filled with just a few clicks.

And once you have those gaps filled you can continue duplicating that same layer over and over for a quick and easy tower!

The applications are very intuitive and easy to use for building structures quickly, especially if they repeat over and over.

This mod requires two additional APIs found here and here.

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