Simply Light

Simply Light is a mod that adds new, sleek lighting fixtures that fit well in a more modern setting. They come in a variety of styles that can function on walls, ceilings, or floors! The basic fixture is the Illuminant Block and it comes in two options that can either be turned on with redstone or turned off with it.

Edge lights are great for hallways or general strip lighting with a narrow footprint.

Slabs and Panels are thinner versions of the block but function vertically on walls.

Light bulbs are much smaller alternatives and function similarly in size and light output as torches.

And Illuminant Fixtures have both wall and ceiling functionality giving you the option of a nice canned light look.

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  1. Could you make it so that the slabs can be placed directly on other slabs? So that two slabs make a block. This will allow you to make illuminated pathways that are flat with the surrounding ground.

    December 14, 2021