Valhelsia Structures

Valhelsia Structures generates a variety of abandoned structures, ruins and dungeons in your world. It gives you something more to explore in the game and look forward to finding. Plus you may come across some rare loot! Some of the structures are fully formed homes that look recently abandoned or even still lived in with fires still blazing. Perfect for setting up camp or starter city.

Inside you may find beds and chests and maybe even sets of armor on stands.

Other structures may be a bit worse for wear and are starting to fall apart. You will still likely find loot buried somewhere even if all that’s left is a single wall.

And dungeons below have gotten a massive overhaul with this mod. There are typically more spawners so they can be much more treacherous. They’ve been completely overrun by moss and spiderwebs but the loot can be more than worth the risk.

This mod requires an additional API found here.

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  1. does this mod add any items or just structures? i want to know if i just have to generate a world with this mod or if everyone on the server needs this mod

    May 15, 2020
    • Just structures but you should consult the developer on the Curseforge forum link for any additional help.

      May 18, 2020