Valhelsia Structures

Valhelsia Structures is a mod that generates a variety of abandoned structures, ruins and dungeons to enhance the scenery and exploration in your world. It gives you something more to discover in the game and look forward to finding. Plus you may come across some rare loot with each new structure you find! Some of the structures are fully formed homes that look recently abandoned or even still lived in with fires blazing from their hearths. Since these are so fully constructed they could easily make for the perfect safe havens in your journey as well as setting up camp or using them as a base for a starter city.

Inside these homes you may find beds and chests similar to villager homes but with much more room and more thought out construction. The chests here will probably have more loot to plunder and there may even be full sets of armor on stands. You may even come across some rarer blocks used in them that could help with your own builds! And the complexity of the structures could easily inspire new ways to build and expand your homes and villages. They are usually multi-story homes with several rooms and creative design aspects.

Other structures you will likely come across may be a bit worse for wear. These are considered more along the lines of ancient ruins and dungeons and are found in various states of disarray. But they are definitely worth your time to explore and raid. A lot of them also contain chests and goodies and you will still likely find loot buried somewhere even if all that’s left is a single wall.

This mod makes use of generating structures in all of the available biomes and stays true to the environments they are found in just like you would find with vanilla structures already in the game. This makes the mod that much more immersive and makes these new structures feel naturally occurring wherever you travel to.

And this mod doesn’t skip on what you can discover underground. It will also generate ruins you can stumble upon while mining away or if you are specifically looking for new dungeons. The world below has certainly gotten a massive overhaul with this mod. There are typically more spawners found in these dungeons than the standard ones so they can be much more treacherous. You will immediately notice the difference since most of these new ones have been completely overrun by moss and spiderwebs as well as the much bigger size of them. The loot found in them can be more than worth the risk and will likely make the world below the surface a bit more dangerous.

This mod does require an additional API, Valhelsia Core found here. And you can further enhance this mod with the Valhelsia Furniture mod found here to add even more creative and decorative options to your builds! So if you are looking to add some extra variety and places to explore, give this mod a try and happy hunting!

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  1. Just structures but you should consult the developer on the Curseforge forum link for any additional help.

    May 18, 2020