Torchmaster offers three new torch options to help your low light construction. The Mega Torch not only offers the same light as glowstone but it also helps prevent mobs from spawning from a much larger radius than normal torches. So you can build much more peacefully at night or in dark caves.

The Terrain Lighter is a great way to light up a new area quickly and efficiently. Just place the Lighter, add however many torches you want placed, and add a fuel source. Then just wait for the torches to place around the block. This cuts out a significant amount of time placing torches all around your new base.

And finally there’s the Dread Lamp that prevents passive mobs from spawning, such as bats and squids. So if you’re building in a cave or underwater, just place one of these and you’ll have fewer pests getting in the way of your construction.

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  1. This is what I’m looking for but what is the mob protection radius? These torches will save me from peppering my village with torches to prevent mob spawn at night.

    February 20, 2018