Supplementaries is a great mod full of new and interactive items to add a bit of flair to your builds. The standard design aspects of Minecraft can often be a bit too minimal and typically pretty simple with display items like jars and signage but this mod expands on the overall look of these types of items while also maintaining a seamless integration with that familiar Minecraft aesthetic. The signage improvements alone make this mod something that should already be available in an un-modded Minecraft world. It adds new types of signs that can be placed in a hanging position for more depth and perhaps more readability than the standard signs that only sit flush against a block. These hanging signs are more interactive and can display text as well as have items placed on them like you can with frames. They also move when a player or any entity walks by them, further enhancing a feeling of immersion in the game world.

There are also directional signs added with this mod that can be placed on posts for easy to read guidance. If you hold shift and right click them, they will change direction so you can easily adjust where you want the reader to go when they need actually use the sign post. And they will be placed at whatever angle you initially place them so there is a multitude of directions they can point. Essentially you should face the specific side of the post where you want the sign to be mounted and then if you’d like it to then point up, down, left, right or any point in between, simply shift + right click the sign you just placed to adjust the overall direction.

Supplementaries also adds new jars that can hold any liquid in clear glass on all sides for quick and easy access wherever you choose to store your bulk liquids. And what makes this feature more exciting is that you can also store XP in the same jars to use later or even share with friends! After placing an empty jar you can then right click with the liquid of your choice in your hand and they will start filling. They can also be connected to hoppers and containers and even tubes if you have a mod that supports tubes transfer so you can expand the storage capacity even more than what the jars already provide.

There are even new lighting source options with sconces that really cleanly enhance the design of standard torches. They have a bit more of a practical design than regular torches and can be placed directly on top of blocks in an upright position or mounted on the side of a block in a holster. They are also a bit more durable that standard torches and if water hits them, they’ll still burn out but they won’t detach so you can simply re-light them after they go out instead of simply placing the same or a new torch in its place! This can be particularly useful if you don’t actually have any torches or materials to craft them but you might have something that can light a sconce that went out.

There is also a new planter that can be used decoratively or can contain one crop that doesn’t need water to grow! It may not be much but if you want a self sustaining farm without needing a water source below the soil then this planter could be very useful, especially if you also don’t want to add soil to an area primarily desert based.

And then you can use a cog block as a way to easily transmit redstone signals vertically. Simply supply the redstone as you normally would to a stacked series of cog blocks and the signal will be carried upward with minimal real estate taken up.

And you can even set traps with bamboo spikes that are also included with this mod. These function pretty similarly to spiderwebs except they also deal damage when crossed or fallen on. They can even be made more lethal by poisoning the tips!

This mod does require an additional API installed alongside it and that can be found here.

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  1. Cool mod, but how do you craft the blue wooden slab things?

    August 2, 2021