Supplementaries is a great mod full of new and interactive items to add a bit of flair to your builds. It adds things like hanging sign posts that can be written on or have items placed on them. They also move when walked into by you or any entity.

There are also directional signs that can be placed on posts and if you shift+click them, they change direction. They’ll be placed at whatever angle you initially place them so there is a multitude of directions they can point.

This mod also adds new jars that can hold any liquid including XP! Just right-click with the liquid of your choice and it will start filling. They can also be connected to hoppers and containers and even tubes if you have a mod that supports tubes transfer.

There are new sconces that aim to improve the design of standard torches. They are more durable and if water hits them, they’ll still burn out but won’t detach so you can simply re-light them!

This mod also adds a planter that can be used decoratively or can contain one crop that doesn’t need water to grow!

The cog block is a way to easily transmit redstone signals vertically. Simply supply the redstone and it’ll be carried upward with minimal real estate taken up.

And you can even set traps with bamboo spikes. These function similarly to spiderwebs except they deal damage when crossed or fallen on. They can even be made more lethal by poisoning the tips!

This mod requires an additional API found here.

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Supplementaries, 3.58 / 5 (66 votes)


  1. Cool mod, but how do you craft the blue wooden slab things?

    August 2, 2021