[Let’s Do] Candlelight

Let’s Do Candlelight is a great cooking and food based mod with some neat furniture and items to place your new dishes in as well as on any place-able surfaces. It’s best paired with some or all of the other mods in the [Let’s Do] library like the bakery add-on found here that includes some more items that further enhance the abilities this mod provides.

The key component of this mod is adding a new way to cook different and beneficial dishes with standard kitchen appliances. This mod adds a frying pan, cooking pan, and an oven that all have recipe books built right in to the menus when you right click any of them. They all come in a variety of block choices when crafting so you can perfectly match any interior design aesthetics you already have. The stoves don’t work like standard furnaces but rather once you place a pot or pan on it then you can access the actual cooking features.

What sets this mod apart from other food based mods is that most of these dishes will require potions in order to cook them. This will allow you to make some pretty substantial dishes that can massively improve your gameplay or help you in any sticky situations. You will be able to tell which recipes need potions by using the recipe books as intended. And to see the recipes you just need to right click on a pot or pan on the stove and click the book icon to the left of the menu that pops up. So once you find the ingredients you need for a specific dish, you also need to make sure you have the appropriate potion to get the full benefit of the dish.

This mod also has some really great new blocks to enhance the overall design of where you might prepare or store food items. With the addition of the bakery mod alongside this one, there are several beautifully designed plates and jars and display items to maximize the visual aesthetic of general food storage. All of these items are place-able so they add just a little bit of extra flair to these spaces. For example, you can now display cakes and pies in glass jars and fully rendered on tables and other blocks that allow place-able items. This is a great way to spruce up a kitchen area or even make a bake shop setting look much more realistic and functional.

But the visual aesthetic isn’t the only benefit of these new table set pieces. You will get additional hunger and saturation effects if you eat from any of these plates or similar pieces. So in a sense this mod will give you some extra bonuses if you take some time to sit and eat rather than eat on the go in whatever situation you are in.

There is also another neat feature with this mod that encourages multiplayer interaction. You now have a typewriter and envelopes that you can use to send invitations to your friends for an in game dinner party!

All you need to do is craft the typewriter and then right click with notepaper to fill it with a piece of paper. Then you can type a message to anyone just like you would in real life. After you finish your invite then simply craft some envelopes and right click them to add your written notepaper. You can even dye the envelopes with whatever color you want for added personalization! Then just send your note and enjoy your dinner party!

There are also several varieties of cabinets and drawers to store all sorts of ingredients or tools or simply as alternative options for using chests when you need something that matches the vibe better. And you can even add tool racks to any blocks that will store any of the cooking utensils this mod adds as well as any tool or weapon already available in the game.

This mod does require a few API installs alongside it. You will need the [Let’s Do] API found here as well as the Architectury API found here.

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