Floormats is a mod that adds connected pressure plates in a wide variety of textures. The plates automatically join together when placed next to the same type of plates so there’s a seamless connection no matter how many are connected.

You can create complex pressure plate systems that all connect without needing complicated redstone connections.

And because the plates will only connect with their own type, you can create long and winding paths that still lead back to the desired source while maintaining a single pressure plate.

This mod also includes gilded pressure plates that can only be activated by the one that placed them. So you can have a series of plates that can only be triggered by you and won’t risk accidental mob triggering.

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Floormats, 3.33 / 5 (18 votes)


  1. It’s actually not that bad :0 It is really good for such as making underground bases and secret trap doors.

    May 31, 2021